Graduate Research Assistant in Visual Analytics Lab at Purdue University

Worked on Machine learning model and web-based visualization system for crop irrigation. Besides, I worked on creating a web page ranking and visualization tool based on user experience and integrated a predictive model with user interactive visualization tool.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship

For Computer Design and Prototyping (ECE 437) during fall 2017. In addition to holding regular office hours, I helped students on piazza forum and graded homework and tests.

Highlighting Undergraduate Research

image NASA Swarmathon involves university and community college students to participate in a virtual and physical robotics competition. Through this program, students are expected to learn ROS (Robotic Operating System), develop an autonomous foraging algorithm, and assemble a Swarmie (rover). By doing so, they not only learn about new robotic technology but also have the opportunity to add to future NASA space exploration research. The inspiration came from the biological behaviors that ants exhibit during the foraging process. It is a key component that has inspired the iAnt development team to create a search algorithm that models ant foraging behavior. Dr. Melanie Moses and her students at the University of New Mexico implemented search algorithms into the iAnt robots. The research resulted in a partnership with NASA to further advance the search algorithms to be used for space expeditions to Mars.

image NASA Swarmathon used the gripper to collect the April tag cube in the next competition. LEARN MORE
image POSTER PRESENTATION on RSS - Robots Science and Systems- Swarmathon workshop. I presented part of the summer research I was doing at the University of New Mexico. LEARN MORE
image ACTIVITIES My DREU experience was well-rounded. I got to experience nature during my time at the University of New Mexico. I played soccer every weekend almost. I went on hiking and white water rafting. LEARN MORE